Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Nilaveli...... still has its splendour

Nilaveli; A beach front with its wide and tranquil sands; "Pigeon Islands" a kilometer away, was a secret locality in  Pura-male, Trincomalee in the sixties and even early seventies. The tourism that was to exploit Trinco and other locates in the east coast then, did not exploit Nilaveli...... until now. It still has only one hotel that exist to this day.

In the by gone era it was the Pigeon Islands that was of fame with the only true colony of  'Rock Pigeon' species that was to roost and exist on them; all the other Rock Pigeons that are encountered day to day in the city are but feral descendant of pets......  now pests.

Pigeon Islands  consists of two islands; the large island and small island. The large island is surrounded by a coral reef and is an extent about 200 m X 100 m. The small island is but a rocky outcrop. Them were designated as sanctuaries in the year 1963 based on the Rock Pigeon habitat and later declared National Parks in 2003.

I don't really get the criteria right of the Department of Wildlife Conservation [DWC] upgrading sanctuaries to  National Parks. All I have seen is when the numbers of people visiting a sanctuary  increases, it becomes a National Park with an entrance fee. It happened in Horton Plains, Bundala, Kaudulla and now Pigeon Islands.
Ever since the war ended and people started traveling with the new economic growth etc, Nilaveli was to be a frequented location and the boat rides to the Pigeon Islands became a thriving business. And here comes the DWC with an extra  fee for the boat rider.......... ? There is but hardly any Pigeons on them now but People; never mind what comes by to the delicate habitat from over visiting.

These pics were taken in 2010 when I was on assignment in Trinco and stayed overnight at the Nilaveli Beach Hotel.

Pigeon Island

Wide and Sandy
Blue is the Theme
Sky - Sea - Beach



People are traveling 

 Sun Rise the Following Day


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  1. I completely agree with you. Nilaveli is probably the best beach I've been to and loved the atmosphere of Nilaveli beach hotel (but not it's food) and it's proximity to the breathtaking Pigeon Islands. I found the best time to visit Pigeon Islands is just before dawn when you have the entire island to yourself. I also wonder how DWC categorizes places as National Parks.