Sunday, December 20, 2015

Three Nights in Vancouver ……British Colombia

Canada with changing climates from extreme winters to  temperate clime is best described to Canadian standards.

Vancouver the port city in the west is the capital of British Colombia and is one of the warmest cities during the winter. On the contrary Vancouver is also one of the wettest cities while on an average there is eleven days of snow fall in a year; with three days receiving over 6 cm but is said  not remain on ground for long.

The climate being thus it is one of the most visited cities in Canada and its economy is founded on the tourist industry. The attraction here is the Vancouver Island and much of its  grandeur are its old buildings and the historical sightings. The island is accessible both by air and ferry………..and it is the ferry that is most sought after and the travelers intention.

The principal attraction on Vancouver  island is the Butchart Gardens located near Victoria. Spreading over 22 hectares it an old  abandoned limestone quarry converted into a tropical floral garden by the Butchart family. Today much of the floral attractions on display in the city of Victoria is from the Butchart garden and  are managed by the garden;  and is a major income earner to the city of Victoria.

The mainland with its vast sea port across the English Bay Beach is a hive of activity with water sports and sea cruisers  for whale watching. It is a famous locality to see the Orca or the Killer Whales  before they make the annual migration to the Arctic waters.

We happen to be in Vancouver  for just three night in August 2015 and the best use of our stay was expended with a full day spent in  Victoria in the Vancouver Island and the other two days spent on the English Bay beach and Downtown Vancouver that is with an aged history worth experiencing.

The English Bay Beach

Where much of the average rated lodging is located with roadside eateries generally full of activity by nightfall. During the day is a hive for water sport……………

Vancouver Island – Butchart Garden in Victoria City

This is a total day excursion with a package tour designed to be collected by bus from your location in the mainland early morning and in to the island by ferry and return to your location in the mainland by night.

The Ferry takes just over a hour ride one-way and one needs to be at the bus in the lower deck five minutes before docking for you not to be left behind.

Butchart Garden

You are allowed and hour and a half in the gardens to amble the 22 hectares of tropical colors and hues

A Collection of rear and prized Bronzes are also a highlight…….

Victoria is the Administrative center in British Colombia Canada

And if you have time there is the facility to take home your image as a cartoon

Downtown Vancouver

All down towns have a history that keep gathering and Vancouver is old enough  to show off. Its greatest attraction being the Steam Clock. Its not that old but the technology…….

We were there to see the the clock go off at 12 noon on 19th August 2015

The Harbour area is also busy with tourist activity, There is the panoramic movie ready to take you flying over Canada with even the spray in you face when flying over the Niagara and a flash of the Northern lights as well………

The drop is a steel sculpture resembling a raindrop by a group of German artists. It's located at the Bon Voyage Plaza in the Coal Harbour neighborhood of downtown Vancouver. It is a homage to the power of nature" and represents "the relationship and outlook towards the water that surrounds

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