Wednesday, September 7, 2011

..........there is a problem on the road

  • 35 years ago every Friday after the last lecture at uni; I walked up to  Katubedda, a junction on Galle road Moratuwa; hang around for 20 minutes the most to take a bus home to Galle; 116 km away, a ride of 2 hours and 30 minutes. That was an average speed of 50 kmph. This then was on narrow rugged roads, old Leyland Comets with masculine steering and rattling glasses. Today on marked asphalt concrete roads in Leyland Supper Cubs with power steering it’s a drive of over 4 hours with speeds reaching 80 kmph at times; and that is because……....there is a problem on the road.
  • The Commissioner of Motor Traffic says that the registration of motor vehicles has increased by 400% in the last six months. He means the progress and efficiency of his department and staff. He is talking about the GDP and the increased buying capacity ...…sure signs of development. And for a second he forgets that these vehicles are also entering the already crowded roads. He doesn’t speak of traffic jams the new registrations will create in the city; because he knows……..…there is a problem on the road.
  • My Maruti 800 is sandwiched between a trailer browser in front and a super powered container truck that blare his horn from behind as if to say I’ll run you over. I’m blind of what’s ahead of me other than the question painted on the rear of the fuel trailer “How is my driving”. I am helpless on this road, and that’s because…………there is a problem on the road.
  • Stuck in the traffic I am desperate to know what’s up; I veer to the right to get my vision off the truck in front. Up goes a hand with a white sleeve hung on khaki appellate. “Could I have your license sir”….”I ask what for”….. “You just crossed the line...... No sir I can’t give you a spot fine you will be issued summons from the court”; the chances are; I may lose my driving license and that’s not because of my fault but because………….there is a problem on the road.   
  • I am still stuck in traffic and hear a siren blare from the rear. I pity the guy lying in pain as the traffic is still; not moving either way. Looking in the rear view mirror; it’s not an ambulance but a defender jeep scaling through traffic; four white glowed hands with a red dot extend from the side canopy as if pushing other traffic for them to pass. They cram through us brushing my side mirror and I hear them offering merit to my dead parents in the choicest language. A tinted Volvo follows; I am thinking whether I should mark the cross in the box next time, because…………there is a problem on the road.
  • A highway to the south will be opened soon to ease traffic. It will have two lanes in one direction; not a third to cut back speed as common on other such highways. A minimum speed limit of 100 kmph to be maintained. A vehicle overtaking another will run above a 100 kmph. Just imagine speed on the slower second lane. Special emergency intake units in the nearby hospitals are being established with paramedical corps trained to rush the injured to these units. All this extra preparation is needed because …………there is a problem on the road
  • The countryside is in chaos these days with Grease Devils and crime rate on the rise. People have taken the upper hand in dealing with these devils; killing the innocent, not sparing the policemen either. The police are unable to deploy sufficient numbers to curb such crime, as 70% of the force are on the roads because …………there is a problem on the road. 
  • The country runs on taxpayers monies they say; very soon the Departments of Inland Revenue and Customs will be assisted with a new Department of Traffic Fines; contributing the running of the country, for it’s big business on the road,.. because ……………there is a problem on the road.

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