Sunday, September 25, 2011

This Photograph is not Lying

Like so many seemingly impossible shots you see these days…. this shot is not a digital creation. That’s because I was not alone when it was taken at Great Western Talawakele. 

Photography today is a new turn altogether with digital technology overriding light exposed on celluloid. 

“No I did not just lift the camera and shoot this”……..but was following the bird on the adjoing tree and set the shutter on multiple exposure……… Of the series of shots that came through this was unique just before it landed vertically having stopped flying and is being carried through its momentum .

I must admit; I have filled some light into it as the subject was back-lit.

It’s the Brown-capped Pigmy Woodpecker; rather unusual for it to be in Talawakele.

Get the feeling that the distribution of many Bird Species needs to be reviewed very soon?

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